NPJ Series features projectors speakers with stylish

and modern design. Single cone (NPJ-5) and dual

cone (NPJ-5D) models are available in black or

white color. They are both equipped with 5.5" full

range transducers.

NPJ series complies IP-55 8 EN 54-24 certification.

Model NPJ-5
Standard Certified to the European Standard EN 54-24:2008
Loudspeaker for voice alarm systems for fire detection and fire alarm system.
Certification Cation NO.1438-CPR-xxxx
Environmental Type TYPE B (Outdoor applications)
Built-In speaker 5'' full range paper speaker
Rated Noise Power and Voltage 20W(100V line and 70Vline)
Rated Impedance 100V line: 500Ω (20W), 1KΩ (10W), 2KΩ (5W)
70Vline:250Ω (20W), 500Ω (10W),1KΩ(5W)
Sensitivity 89dB (1W, 1m) (500Hz - 5KHz, pink.noise)
77dB (IW, 4m) (100Hz -10KHzpink noise) according to EN54-24
89dB (1W, 1m) (100Hz - 10KHz, pink noise) converted based on EN54-24
Frequency Response 132Hz - 20KHz
Maximum Sound Pressure Level 89 dB(20W, 4m) (100Hz- 10KHzpink noise) according to EN54-24
101dB(20W,1m) (100Hz - 10KHz, pink noise) converted based on EN54-24
Coverage Angle(-6dB) Horizintal: 360°(500Hz), 240°(1KHz),90° (2KHz), 60°(4KHz)
Vertical: 360°(500Hz), 240°(1KHz),90° (2KHz), 60°(4KHz)
Speaker Component 5.5" paper cone speaker
Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C
Applicable Cable Solid wire: Φ6.5mm (18AWG) UL2464
CableConnection steatite terminal x 6 speaker cable with a diameter of 6.5mm Brown Red Orange Gray White(+) /  Black(com)
Finish Enclosure: ABS+PC, Black / White; Mesh speaker grill: Surface-treated steel plate, black / white paint
Speaker Wall bracket: Surface-treated steel plate, black / white paint; Joint bracket, screws and Stainless steel cable
Dimensions Φ168 x 246mm (Φ6.62" x 9.69")
Weight 2.11kg(4.65lbs)