Offering high intelligibility and natural music reproduction, CS columns are

the perfect solution for highly reverberant environment such as churches,

architectural spaces, auditoriums, railway stations and other transport terminals.

Based on the line array principle, the columns provide a consistent pattern

control for a superior sound quality.

CS SERIES is made of plywood and is

dedicated for indoor fixed installations. It is equipped with 3" full range

drivers including 4 to 12 components in each box. A phoenix connector

makes the connection easy to the amplification systems with rotated switch

for the transformer taps selection.

Model CS-312
Transformer selectable power 15W/30W/60W/120W
System Impedance 70V-327Ω,163Ω,82Ω,41Ω
Sensitivity (1W/1M) 99dB
Max SPL(1M) 125dB
Frequency Response (-6dB) 180Hz-18KHz
Full Range Speaker (20mm Voice Coil) 12x3"
Angle of coverage 130°x24° @4KHz
Connect Phoneix
Enclosure Construction Plywood cabinet, resistant paint, 0.8mm metal grille
Suspension /Mounting 8 x M8
Dimension (H x W x D) 1112x121x140mm
(43.78" x4.76"x 5.51")
Weight (Approx.) 13.3kg (29.32 lbs)