Company History

  • 1971    SEKAKU was first founded in Tawian, specializing in P.A. System Equipments and Electronics.
    1985   SEKAKU was established.
    1990   China factory and Hong Kong shipping office were set up.
    1992   SEKAKU expanded its building and plant in China and built a dormitory for the staff. SEKAKU total bought 50,000 ㎡. All capital is from SEKAKU.
        There is no loan from outside resources.
    1996  a.  SEKAKU passed ISO 9002 certificate.
       b. SEKAKU started to run the business of OEM and ODM market.
    1999  a. Sekaku recruited R&D engineers and department in China and established Anechoic room,semi-automatic room and B&K equipment in China for precisely testing audio equipment and digital audio analyzing system.
       b. SEKAKU passed ISO 9001 certificate.
    2000  a. SEKAKU passed ISO guide 25 certificate.
       b. SEKAKU enlarged its China factory plant again.
    2001  a. R&D department was divided to PA, Audio, and Sound teams.
       b. SEKAKU set up the testing process of AUDIO PRECISION equipment for AUDIO series products and enhanced the equipment for the wireless microphone system.
       c. Our Anechonic room passed ISO 3745 certificate.
       d. Company added product data management system (PDM) for managing mechanical data and document well.
       e. Mr. Gian Piero Staffa, the ALTO founder, became a joint venture with SEKAKU.
    2002  a. Professional audio line - ALTO was put into production and earned good reputation on the market.
       b. Sekaku started to apply for the VDA 6.1, QS9000, and ISO2001 factory certificate. All of our staff make the most efforts in providing the best service and quality.
       c. In October, all SEKAKU staff were devoted to ERP system.
    2003   January: ALTO MOBILE products won three innovation awards in CES Mobile category.
        February: SEKAKU passed VDA6.1, QS9000, ISO2001 factory certificate.
        March: SEKAKU-ALTO held its first seminar for whole-world distributors in Frankfurt/Germany.
    2015  a. Seikaku new administration building construction will be completed.
       b. New Technology Release of IP Control for DSP setting Adjustments for mixers, Speakers and Class D Amplifiers. The IP Control can be connected via LAN cable or via wireless.
    2016   Release of new Digital Mixer T20, 20.4 LIVE, Software concept and interface design done by Seikaku's own software engineering, including tablet control APP as part of development project.
    2017   Release of new Matrix System and Digital Conference System; New Equipment investment:
       a. CNC Equipment wood cabinet.
       b. New YAMAHA YSM20 MST Equipment + Auto tray including extended rail, HD lens enhancement, suction nozzle auto change system.
      c. The high-voltage output Class-D power amplifier AH Series from 2 channels to 8 channels has been successfully launched. A very compact and lightweight 1U rack size design.
      d. Release of 4-in 8-out/8-in 8-out digital processor speaker management system DLM408 /DLM808
    2018   The successful development of a 24 channel digital mixer DM24.8 with a 7-inch touch screen and 13 motor faders.The biggest advantage is ease of use.
    2019 a. NCL, NPJ, NSP, NWB, CAS series PA speakers have obtained EN54-24 certificate
      b. The design of the AVS-906 series fire evacuation broadcasting system has been completed and EN54-16 certificate has been obtained
      c. The release of KS HD series active speakers with LCD display and DSP signal processing
    2020 a. Release of Simple and Flexible UHF Frequency KTX/KRX Wireless Transceiver
      b. Introduction of Portable Wireless Sound Reinforcement System WS-5/WS-6 Series with Bluetooth Receiver
    2021 a. Introduction of two independent zones Class D P A. amplifier MPA-2250/MPA-2500
      b. Research and development of wireless fire alarm system
    2022 a. Development and release of a 48 channel digital mixer DM48.20 with MIC digital gain and a 10 inch touch screen
      b. Introduction of professional audio timing player BGM-99 with FM function
    2023 a. Development and release of a new generation matrix audio processor MATRITA6/A12 with AGC and ANC functions
      b.  Introduction of four independent zones Class D P A. amplifiers MPA-4150/MPA-4250
      c. The release of STARK DSP series active speakers with DSP signal processing and TWS Bluetooth
      d. The AVS-966 series fire evacuation broadcasting system with flexible power amplifier configuration has successfully passed EN54-16 certification