Charity Donation

In 2012, under the leadership of Seikaku and kind donation of colleagues, funds were raised from ideal principles of repaying society and cating for the development of education of all individuals who took part.

The funds were raised for "Gui-Chou Prefecture Tai-Jiang Region Education Build-up Scheme", hoping the lives and future of each student can have unlimited opportunities under the sponsorship and contribute to the country.



In Yeh Fu-Di's story, him and his sister were unable to receive education and proper meals because of recession and impoverished environment. Both Yeh's sister and him were able to complete education at Heng-Li Junior High School under the education scholarship of "Yang-Gui Fund", anhd now they are still under sponsor, receiving education at Guan-Chou Song-Shan Lake Medical University. Even in impoverished environment, Yeh had set high standards of self determination, academic and cultural achievement, and pay back to society. He always keeps in his heart the appreciation for the sponsorship from Seikaku, and allow him the opportunity to become an excellent role model for the other students under "Yang-Gui fund" sponsorship.