QC Reliability Testing

For all of new products, we perform in-house reliability testing. Consisting of salt sparay testing, temperature / humidity testing, high voltage / insulation testing, as well as drop and vibration testing to ensure packaging protection level and durability. For parts, IQC, we also perform testing such as button press testing, plug pull-strength testing, plug bending testing etc.


Circular Pressure Strength Test                                              Salt Spray Test                                                      




   Environmental Testing                                                         Salt Spray Testing



  Drop Testing                                                                                    Vibration Testing



Carton compressive strength test                                        Oven temperature test


Anti-UV test



Breakage intense pressure test                                             Plug bend test


Rotary potentiometer lifespan test                                      Push switch lifespan test


Rind crush test                                                                       JACK lifespan test


Slide potentiometer lifespan test                                          Burn-in test


SO2 test