• 12 x paging zones
  • UP to 64 group zones with MATRIX-A6/A12
  • LCD display
  • Status and communication indicators
  • Zone selector with volume control
  • Push-to-talk gooseneck microphone
  • USB port to load chime sound files
  • RD port, for connection to MATRIX-A6/A12
  • RD link, for connection to RPM-300 (max. 4pcs)
  • 100m CAT-5e shield cable

Model RPM-300
MIC Input  
 Connector 3-pin female XLR
 Phantom power 24V DC@100mA on/off in software/15V adapter
Indictors and switch  
play zone activation
 Switch push to talk
 RD net to MATRIX RJ45, 100m CAT-5e cable
 USB for MP3 chime sound file (4 seconds)
 (L x W x H)
166 x 53 x 162 mm (6.54" x 2.09" x 6.38")