• Timing and GPIO setting by APP.

BGM-99 is a professional sound player for fixed

installations. It is dedicated to places where

recorded messages or music should be played

at specific times on a daily, weekly, monthly or

yearly basis, Up to 1024 timer points can be

programmed for many applications such as:

  • Background music in malls and stores
  • Commercials in supermarkets
  • Class time/working time indicator in education and industry
  • Announcements in transport
  • Call to prayer in places of worship


The BGM-99 is compatible with MP3 and WAV audio formats and supports the SD card and USB flash drive

Output stereo signal comes on RCA jacks. In order to optimize the wireless transmission, the rear panel is

equipped with a BNC socket for connection to an optional antenna. In addition to the OLED display and

the function buttons on the front panel, software control via LAN is available for sound files management

and broadcast scheduling, 4 x GPIO can be used for remote control such as a message change or

lighting switching on/off. BGM-99 can also operate with a 24V DC power supply.

Model BGM-99
RCA Max. Input Level +6dBu
RCA Max. Output Level +4dBu
Noise Floor <-90dBu
THD & N <0.01% at 0dBu 1KHz
Frequency Response 20Hz~20KHz at ±1.5dB
Supported file types WAV / MP3