The BR-1 enables mixing consoles and active PA speakers to receive bluetooth audio from smart phones, tablet PCs, and laptops simply by plugging the BR-1 into an audio system's XLR input and pairing it with a bluetooth device.
In MONO model, the left and right channels of a stereo signal are summed to mono, whereas in STEREO model, the left signal send out from the bottom XLR output and the right signal send out from the top XLR output full-charging or disconnect charging cable.


Bluetooth audio receiver for all purposes

The BR-1's signal range of up to 30m+ makes it the perfect tool for receiving wireless bluetooth audio on mixing consoles and active PA speakers for weddings, dance parties, and any kind or event that requires music.
The versatile, easy-to-use BR-1 will convince users in just about every situation thanks, to its integrated XLR output that always ensures a reliable wireless connection to professional audio systems without any adapter.
This compact bluetooth audio receiver is also an excellent choice for all musicians who want to stream backing tracks from a mobile device to their practice amplifier or to the PA system at a venue.

  • Add bluetooth to any speaker or mixer
  • Link two together for cable-free stereo playback
  • Dual XLR outputs for wired stereo playback
  • XLR on top and bottom
  • Type C interface rechargeable battery (6+hours)
  • Receiver output: XLR male
  • Balenced output level: +4dBu
  • Compliant with bluetooth V5.3+BR+EDR+BLE specification
  • Range: max. 30m+ (lihne of sight)
  • Frequency range: 20-20KHz
  • Switch for on/off, TWS-Link, bluetooth pair, STEREO/MONO
  • LEDs for battery charge and operating status
  • Robust ABS housing