• 4 tone chime
  • Balanced output, and unbalanced output
  • Individual volume controls for CHIME and MIC
  • Convenient puish to talk microphone control button
  • External DC power supply
  • Wireless transmission function facilitats flexible installation and application
  • Wireless working distance up to 30m (line of sight)


Model CM-2T
Power Voltage AC 100-240V
DC 5V, 550mA
Wirlesss Bluetooth 5.3
Chime 440,554,659,880Hz four stage musical
Microphone Condenser microphone cartridge
Unbalanced Output 110mV 10mV
Balanced Output 230mV 10mV
Color White or Black
Output Cable 6.3Φ x 5 x 6.3Φ (mono) x 5 feet
Dimension (W x D x H) 196 x 158 x 83 mm (7.72" x 6.22" x 3.27")
Weight 0.6kg(1.32lbs)