SEIKAKU Technical Group Limited


SEIKAKU TECHNICAL GROUP LIMITED was established on April 1, 1984. It is an enterprise group that integrates the design, production, sale and service of professional PA equipment and audio equipment. The second spring was created that JingHeng Electron Co., Ltd. was established on August 8, 1990 under the excellent leadership of company president, Yang Kunshan, located in Shenshan Industrial City, Hengli Town. In order to thank for the support of the Hengli government, government leaders and public over the years, to commemorate and repay the father’s hardships and fostering, Yang-Gui Fund was established in Hengli Town with father’s name.

Yang-Gui Fund was established in 1999 with the service tenet of “taking it from society and using it in society”. It will be used in public welfare undertakings such as “poverty alleviation, respect for the Elderly, helping students and Education” and etc.

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