VAS-100BPS is a backup power supply unit for the Voice Alarm System (VAS).

  • DC 24V backup
  • DC 24V battery interface
  • Failures report to host amplifier


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VAS-100BPS is a backup power supply unit for the Voice Alarm System (VAS). It delivers the correct backup power from the AC voltage network or from a rechargeable battery. Any detected fault like failure in the charging circuit or in the external battery, triggers information sent to the host amplifier VAS-2406. In addition to VAS-100BPS, the Voice Alarm System includes the following devices:
  • VAS-2406 : Host Amplifier
  • VAS-2406EX : 6 Partition Expander
  • VAS-2400SA: Standby Amplifier
  • VAS-100EOL : Speaker Line Detection Module
  • VAS-1000NET: Network Manager
  • VAS-100BGM: MP3 Player with Timer
  • VAS-100RVC: Remote Zone Volume Control
  • VAS-100 : VoIP Gateway
  • VAS-RFM, RMP, EX: Fireman, Paging, Expander Stations
VAS System
64 x 64 Matrix with 60 inputs and 60 outputs (4 x 4 reserved for internet communication)
32 paging microphone
Automatic switch of primary and standby amplifiers
Speaker lines default detection
Volume control for each zone
Alarm manager with WI-FI/RS-485/GPIO ports for smoke, ambient and security detectors in each zone
Automatic faults and alarms recording
Alarm content presets with automatic speech alarm or prompt
DC 24V standby power inlet
Power control sequence with custom sequence and programmable On/Off
MP3 player for BGM with programmable timing
Automatic telephone broadcast or telephone dial in case of emergency
Intercom talk function
Remote control and system maintenance by cellular phone/pad/PC
Local control and system maintenance by APP and PC
Meet EN54-16 demand
Can run in i2DSP platform for security reinforcement

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