//VAS-100 VoIP

VAS-100 VoIP

VAS-100 VoIP is a gateway device dedicated to the Voice Alarm System (VAS).


  • Gateway to VoIP network
  • IP-PBX function
  • 2 analog telephone inputs


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VAS-100 VoIP is a gateway device dedicated to the Voice Alarm System (VAS). It is equipped with two analog telephone inputs and it can replace an IP-PBX device for communications with VoIP terminals to add a broadcast via telephone function. An auto dial is available for special application. In addition to VAS-100VoIP, the Voice Alarm System includes the following devices:
  • VAS-2406 : Host Amplifier
  • VAS-2406EX : 6 Partition Expander
  • VAS-2400SA: Standby Amplifier
  • VAS-100BPS: Backup Power Supply
  • VAS-100EOL : Speaker Line Detection Module
  • VAS-100BGM: MP3 Player with Timer
  • VAS-100RVC: Remote Zone Volume Control
  • VAS-100NET : Network Manager
  • VAS-RFM, RMP, EX: Fireman, Paging, Expander Stations
VAS System
64 x 64 Matrix with 60 inputs and 60 outputs (4 x 4 reserved for internet communication)
32 paging microphone
Automatic switch of primary and standby amplifiers
Speaker lines default detection
Volume control for each zone
Alarm manager with WI-FI/RS-485/GPIO ports for smoke, ambient and security detectors in each zone
Automatic faults and alarms recording
- Alarm content presets with automatic speech alarm or prompt
- DC 24V standby power inlet
- Power control sequence with custom sequence and programmable On/Off
MP3 player for BGM with programmable timing
Automatic telephone broadcast or telephone dial in case of emergency
Intercom talk function
Remote control and system maintenance by cellular phone/pad/PC
Local control and system maintenance by APP and PC
Meet EN54-16 demand
Can run in i2DSP platform for security reinforcement

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