DM-1000W+1000W IR2

DM-1000W+1000W IR2 is a 2 channel amplifier module of 1000W + 1000W.

  • 1000W + 1000W
  • Class-D


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DM-1000W+1000W IR2 is a 2 channel amplifier module of 1000W + 1000W. This module, used in some active speakers of the brand, is also available as component for other manufacturers. Based on Class-D architecture DM-1000W+700W PFC can work with 4Ω and 2Ω loads. DM modules are light compact and very reliable. They feature thermal, short-circuit and overload output protection. The temperature can be controlled via a 12V DC output connected to a fan. Over voltage protection and DC offset shutdown are also available.
MODEL DM-1000W+1000W IR2  
General CH1 CLASS-D Amplifier
CH2 CLASS-D Amplifier
Power Requirements AC~210-240V +/-10%  50/60Hz / 8AH  -  AC~110-120V +/-10%  50/60Hz / 12AH
Auxiliary Supply (Option) DC +/-15V @ 0.5A
Weight 1.7 kg (3.75 lbs)
Dimension (W x D x H) 246 x 126 x 70 mm (9.69” x 4.96” x 2.76”)
Audio Section Class-D Amplifier
Slew  rate (8Ω) 1.5V/ms
S/N Ratio >95dB/A
Distortion <0.1% (THD. DIM. SMPTE)
Inputs Unbalanced to ground
Impedance 10kΩ
Gain 26 - 32dB
Output Unbalanced to ground
Bandwidth 15Hz~20kHz
Damping factor (8Ω) >400 (100Hz) / >180 (1kHz)
Power Specifications (230Vrms or 120Vrms mains voltage, A-WTD, THD=1%) 4Ω Load 500W + 500W RMS
AC~230V Load=2 Ω 1100W RMS (one channel driven)
AC~120V Load=2 Ω 800W RMS (one channel driven)
4Ω Load 600W + 600W EAJ
AC~230V Load=2 Ω 1100W + 1100W EAJ (two channels driven)
AC~120V Load=2 Ω 1000W + 1000W EAJ (two channels driven)
Function Thermal protection (over-temperature power limited, thermal shutdown)
Short-circuit / overload output protection
Temperature  controlled 12V DC fan output
Over voltage protection
DC offset shutdown