/Conference System
  • DCS-103B

    Digital Conference Mic. Station Booster
    DCS-103B is a power supply expander for the DCS-101C and DCS-102D Mic stations of the Digital Conference System DCS-100. It is used when more than 16 Mic stations are necessary in the system. One DCS-1003B boosts up to 32 additional MIC stations (16 per line 1 & 2). For 128 Mic stations (max), 3 x DCS-103B devices are necessary.  
  • DCS-101C/102D

    Digital Conference Microphone Stations
    DCS-101C and DCS-102D are respectively the Chairman and Delegate Mic station of the DCS-100 Digital Conference System. Both models are mounted in a stylish and rugged casing. The gooseneck microphone is easily removable and is equipped with an electret capsule.
    • LCD display
    • Voting keys
    • Built in speaker with volume control
    • Headphone plug
    • Line selector 1 or 2
    • Priority control for Chairman
    • CAT6 cabling
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  • DCS-100M

    Digital Conference Processor
    DCS-100M is the Main frame of the DCS-100 Digital Conference System also consisting of DCS-101D Chairman Mic station, DSC-102D Delegate Mic station and DCS-103B Booster. DCS-100 focuses on various types of venues like boardrooms, business centers, courtrooms, town halls and regional assemblies. Easy to use and quick to install, it delivers superb sound quality with sophisticated features.
    • 2 groups of 16 Mic stations
    • Up to 128 stations
    • Feedback Suppressor and DSP
    • Direct recording
    • Camera tracking
    • Voting
    • Control Interface via PC or APPs
    • Quick and easy setup
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