SEIKAKU CEO paid 60 poor students a return visit in Qixingguan town Bijie city Guizhou province, During visit the president Zhong of the Red Cross said:” I respect Dongguan Jing Heng Electronics Co., Ltd. and Mr. Yang, the entrepreneur, as you know it maybe not difficult for one Enterprise or one person to do a good thing. But that keeping good deed continually is very difficult ,also it’s much more commendable to run charity as a business. All above they did.”
Based on president Zhong’ s experience that he worked at the Commission for Discipline Inspection many year ago and considering of all details and attitude he proceeded and held during visit period .SKK CEO and all people present Identically agree that president Zhong is a pragmatic and practical leader who wants to benefit the poor in Bijie city.
SEIKAKU CEO decided on the spot to support some parts of the hardware construction for Hongqi village office and donate one set of broadcasting system for them. Meanwhile he will Increase the intensity of supporting poor students in Bijie in 2018 ( some part of fund will be used as Salvage money of Qixingguan red emergency aid),anyway the best effort will be given to support  the education in Bijie as possible as he can do.